UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Systems

We are an Authorized Service Agent

for UPS systems made by Toshiba International Corporation, Staco, Trystar (Controlled Power), Powervar and Fuji Electric.

Available Toshiba UPSs range from 1 to 22 kVA, single phase, and 15 to 2000 kVA, three phase. All Toshiba UPSs are true on-line, double conversion units, providing conditioned power during normal operation.

The Toshiba G9000 Series UPS is the most efficient true on-line, double conversion UPS available today, at up to 87% efficiency. Other brands use standby or off-line modes to achieve these high efficiencies, which compromises your reliability.

All Toshiba UPSs come with a full three-year warranty backed by Toshiba’s 24/7 technical support. Nearly all Toshiba UPS products are manufactured in Houston, TX, and all come with ARRA (American Reinvestment and Recovery Act) and BAA (Buy American Act) certification.

In addition to providing factory support, we also service many UPS systems directly for the customer, including brands such as Vertiv, Eaton Powerware, Schneider – APC, Best, UPPI and Chloride.

Critical Power Services is dedicated to providing you with the best possible solution to your UPS needs. With a market that is constantly changing and progressing, we work hard to stay on the cutting edge and still offer the best products to fit each customer’s unique situation. Whether your need be efficiency, redundancy, cost effectiveness, or durability, we will find a solution. Our power protection solutions meet the needs of virtually any environment or application.

UPS Products:

Toshiba International Corporation
Trystar (Controlled Power)
Staco Energy Solutions
Xtreme Power
SCI Ametek
Eaton Powerware