Emergency Lighting Service

Article 700 of the National Electric Code

provides information on the application and installation of emergency lighting equipment. The National Fire Protection Association Life Safety Code 101 outlines requirements regarding the performance and maintenance of emergency lighting units.

Your emergency lighting is a critical component of your facility life safety program and could some day save a life or prevent serious injury. Naturally, injuries raise the question of liability. Liability due to little or no maintenance of safety related equipment can result in serious consequences.

Battery powered emergency lighting and exit signs require periodic maintenance and testing to assure proper performance. Simply testing the unit for 2-3 seconds is not a true indicator of how the unit will perform during an extended power outage. Central power inverter systems should have both their electronics and batteries checked to assure they will function as expected during an extended power outage.

Repairing components and replacing critical parts is our expertise. As an independent service company specializing in preventive maintenance service and repair, we can support your emergency lighting units, exit signs, and central power systems, regardless of brand.

Our technicians are highly trained and experienced with emergency lighting equipment and can provide your organization with the support needed to assure your existing equipment will function as expected when called upon. As an Authorized Service Agent for Emergency Lighting UPS Systems manufactured by Current Lighting (Dual-Lite), we have full factory support when servicing this brand.